Hi again!

Hey, long time no see....or read huh. So first of all lemme clarify, the reason why i was off for the loooong time was because I wasn't satisfied with what i was uploading. I know i know you guys must be thinking "OMG! What is he talking about, his work was amazing and i still… Continue reading Hi again!

The True meaning of life.

Whazz Up peeps! And i have managed to maintain my consistency by being consistently late with writing another blog post, but it wasn't my fault....entirely. See, the thing is I wasn't getting any good ideas to write about, you all know I love writing on relevant and informative topics. So lots of people suggested me… Continue reading The True meaning of life.

Enter Title here (apni shraddha se)

Hola! If you read my previous heartfelt blog post, i'm not sorry at all. It's your fault Bootches. And i know i shouldn't abuse my readers but who reads this blog anyway except me and my friends....whom i pay to read this....and to be my friend. So this is the real blog post that i… Continue reading Enter Title here (apni shraddha se)

Am I, a Modi Bhakt?

Nooooooooooope! That's it for today, it was so tough for me to write this after all it's so close to my heart, such emotional stuff. Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it, don't forget to abuse me in the comment sex-tion. (i told you this blog sucks, does nobody read the 'about' page anymore?) Tags… Continue reading Am I, a Modi Bhakt?

TEEN mistakes of my life

So I started writing blogs last year and I had quite a following on the previous site and I swear I didn’t force anyone to follow me (except 95% of the followers and the rest 5% had names starting with Angel) So I lost my dad on January and during those visits, sitting in the… Continue reading TEEN mistakes of my life